My experience in editing ranges through a variety of non-fiction, fiction, and academic writing. I have worked as a university writing assistant and taught essay-writing to undergraduates for many years with a special focus on ESL students. I am currently an acquiring editor at Tachyon Publications.

Anthology curation: I have edited three anthologies, two fiction and one a range of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. For all three I performed the entire gamut of anthology development, from submission solicitation, curation, developmental editing, line editing, and proofreading.

Translation editing: During my time as writing assistant and teacher, I worked with many ESL students to refine their writing while maintaining the cadence and rhythm of their first language. I am editing translations for two ongoing manga series.

Sensitivity reading: Part of my editing is a critical eye to the representation of minorities and the marginalized. In current publishing parlance, this is called “sensitivity reading,” but ultimately, it is about helping the writer tell the best story they can. Too often writers fall back on tired tropes, harmful stereotypes, or problematic myths about marginalized groups. While I cannot tell writers how they should represent all minorities in their work, I am trained in pinpointing habits of whiteness and privilege in texts.

My editorial philosophy is to examine the core concepts of a manuscript during the developmental stage, rather than at a later stage when problems of representation will be incredibly difficult to fix. Manuscripts may shift and change regardless, but addressing such problems early on helps in the unfolding of the story.