Short Fiction

Most Recent Publications:

  • “Scholar Miaka’s Brief Summary of Memories Imbued in Memory Object Exhibit 132.NW.1.” Recognize Fascism. Ed. Crystal M. Huff. World Weaver Press, October 2020.
    A catalog entry describing a skirt found in the catacombs of an ancient city.
  • Magic Potion Behind-the-Mountains.” Beneath Ceaseless Skies #262, Tenth Anniversary Special Double Issue II, October 2018. Ed. Scott Andrews.
    Exiled to a distant outpost, a magistrate apprentices himself to the woman known for the best magic potion recipe that makes the local people strong.
  • When the Bough Breaks.” Mythic Delirium 4.3, January 2018. Ed. Mike Allen.
    The children living in a luxury hillside condominium cope with hostile forest spirits.

  • “Eruption.” Anathema Magazine #2, Aug 2017. Eds. Michael Matheson & Andrew Wilmot.
    #killallmen-style revolution and generational trauma.
  • Crocodile Tears.” Lightspeed #76, September 2016. Ed. Wendy Wagner.
    The tale of the crocodile and the old grandmother meets the tale of Si Tenggang.
  • Liminal Grid.” Strange Horizons, Nov 2015. Ed. Catherine Krahe.
    In a near-future Malaysia where government tracking has turned extreme, activists ruminate on taking action.

Peranakan Steampunk series:

Set in a steampunk alternate history in which steam engines developed in Arabia, and Captain Francis Light’s annexation of Penang island was thwarted.

Assorted solarpunk and steampunk stories:

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